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Ecoganic® is a natural, holistic, sustainable approach to farming that protects the environment and creates healthier, better tasting produce, without relying on chemicals.

Ecoganic® is the only complete environmental farming certification program that combines environmental certification (ISO 14001) with a scientifically tested, non-chemical growing practices.

Ecoganic® certification program is used in the growing of a diverse range of products including the newly released Red Tip Avocado, and the existing Red Tip Bananas and Papaya. The trade marked food grade wax tips are used to identify that they are certified Ecoganic®.

Protecting The Environment and Consumer

Wax tipped fruit

Our certification program was designed to protect the environment and promote sustainable growing practices that are good for the environment and good for both growers and customers.

This is achieved by the implementation of certified systems which are audited and verified through AUS-QUAL accreditation. Once certified, our member growers can market their products as 100% Ecoganic® certified – which allows for premium placement in the market place and can also open the door to international marketing opportunities.

About Us

Continual monitoring of the plants and environment to ensure our protocols are adhered to.

The Ecoganic® certification program was developed by farmers for farmers.

As career farmers ourselves, we understand the problems and challenges that keep you up at night. After several decades of “doing it the traditional way”, we realized that the health of our farm ecosystem and the taste of our fruit, was negatively impacted by the commercial pressure to grow cheap but “perfect looking” fruit.

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How Ecoganic® Can Work for Your Farm

Custom tailored to each industry
Our sustainable production systems are custom-tailored to each industry and supported by integrated monitoring systems.

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Ecoganic® Certification

Certified Ecoganic ®There are two processes required in order to become certified Ecoganic®. The first step is to develop and implement an environmental management system (EMS) to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard

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